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HZ-HM1B Very rare aircraft! Note the covered upper windows. (mehr von HZ-HM1B)
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HZ-AIF Saudia's Boeing 747SP fleet is quite a common sight at LAX it was still a pleasure to see one of the last active Boeing 747SPs landing on RWY24R with Northern Los Angeles as a backdrop (mehr von HZ-AIF)
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HZ-AIF On short final on Viennas runway 16 with a part of Viennas skyline below. (mehr von HZ-AIF)
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HZ-129 RIAT 2011 - 40th Anniversary - Departure of the second Saudi Hercules after a short visit. Supporter for the Saudi Hawks. (mehr von HZ-129)
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HZ-AIF Sorry for the bad weather. Last SV 747 @ SZG for the time. (mehr von HZ-AIF)