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9V-TRK After being sold to Scoot eight month before the plane is still in Tiger Air livery but with Scoot titels. (mehr von 9V-TRK)
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9C-NCH on short final RWY 09 (mehr von 9C-NCH)
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9V-NCE on short final RWY 09 (mehr von 9V-NCE)
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9V-NCD on short final RWY 09 (mehr von 9V-NCD)
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9V-NCB on short final RWY 09 over Mai Khao beach (mehr von 9V-NCB)
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9V-OJA ScootBiz cabin of Dream Start, Scoot's first Boeing 787-9. Decidedly cozy, ScootBiz is Scoot's version of business class and it does generally look the part. This photo was taken as I disembarked from Dream Start after arriving from Hong Kong as TZ221. (mehr von 9V-OJA)
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9V-OJJ Scoot's Pikachu Jet returning home as TR843 from Seoul. (mehr von 9V-OJJ)