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B-1111 Even a number of smaller Chinese carriers fly to Tullamarine airport. Note the "100th Shanghai Airlines" titles on this Dreamliner. (mehr von B-1111)
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VH-VUD Melbourne airport is quite busy in the morning and evening hours. A lack of parking stands can be noticed at these times. (mehr von VH-VUD)
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VH-VOK arriving over 7 Mile Beach, which is a great spot for planespotting. (mehr von VH-VOK)
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Bathurst Harbour Landing Area, as the sign says, certainly is one of the remotest airfields in the world. Most people fly in or out of this place to see the rare orange-bellied parrots or to start either of the infamously muddy Port Davey Track or South Coast Track hikes. I was stuck there for two days in bad weather, before I could fly out back to civilization after hiking the South Coast Track.
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VH-ZOU Very scenic and bumpy flight back to civilization over Tasmania's South West Wilderness. Just below the engine, there is a great view of the iconic mountain Precipitous Bluff that, one day, I want to climb. (mehr von VH-ZOU)
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VH-ANV Unexpected visitor a long way from its homebase DRW! (mehr von VH-ANV)