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9V-SPK Tropical, one of the greatest schemes to ever have graced our skies (mehr von 9V-SPK)
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9V-SMK During March, the angle of the sun allows me the opportunity to photograph aircraft landing on 02L from my apartment during sunrise. Very occasionally, everything lines up, sun, plane, clouds, light. This morning was one of those mornings (mehr von 9V-SMK)
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9V-MGB We finally got a Singapore Airlines B737-800, returning home from a test flight. Doesn't she look great!!! (mehr von 9V-MGB)
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9V-BBE All five first generation B.737-100s originally built for MSA-Malaysia-Singapore Airlines were put into service for the first time in 1969 and transferred to Singapore AL in autumn 1972. 9V-BBE and sistership 9V-BFF left the Singapore AL fleet in August 1980 and were sold, like the first three, to Air Florida (mehr von 9V-BBE)
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