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9V-SWY Singapore 319 returns from London. She is pictured over Changi Beach as she makes her way to runway 20Right. (mehr von 9V-SWY)
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9V-SSC Singapore 186 climbs out for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (mehr von 9V-SSC)
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9V-STB SQ's second Airbus A330-300 taxis past Crowne Plaza. Only memories now as she left SQ in 2018 and now serves Brussels Airlines as OO-SFG. (mehr von 9V-STB)
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9V-SMF SQ's sixth Airbus A350 bearing the celebratory AIrbus 10,000th aircraft decal turns out to the assigned taxiway for departure to Tokyo Haneda as SQ632. As seen from my perch at Crowne Plaza Changi AIrport. Congratulations, Airbus! Happy 70th Anniversary, SQ! (mehr von 9V-SMF)
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9V-SKB With her tow truck retreating, SQ's second A380 prepares to taxi to the active for departure. Only memories now as she was retired in 2017, has since been scrapped and has had her skin made into collectible tags. (mehr von 9V-SKB)
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9V-MGL SQ113 returns from Kuala Lumpur. My first SQ 737 spotted. There was a time in the 2000s when the Boeing 777-200 was SQ's smallest plane type but I think another such era of a widebody being SQ's smallest plane type now looks even more unlikely. (mehr von 9V-MGL)
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9V-SPQ A Blast from the Past. One of SQ's remaining pax jumbos pushes back as seen from Crowne Plaza. Only memories now as she left SQ in 2012 for Transaero as EI-XLO and the Boeing 747-400 has been retired from SQ. (mehr von 9V-SPQ)


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9V-SGG SQ 21 prepares to land completing her 18h non-stop flight from New York. (mehr von 9V-SGG)
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9V-SMD SQ217 taxis past my perch at Crowne Plaza to the active for departure to Melbourne. (mehr von 9V-SMD)
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9V-SJB Descending into Vancouver (mehr von 9V-SJB)
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9V-SGA Takeoff run of SQ's first A345 down 02L for the Big Apple. (mehr von 9V-SGA)
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9V-DHA Singapore Airlines Cargo very first Boeing 777 Freighter arrives back from Los Angeles via Seoul as SQ7405. (mehr von 9V-DHA)
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9V-SKU we flew on this aircraft to JFK back in June! (mehr von 9V-SKU)