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HA-LKM Farewell shot? Only one and a half months left for SkyEurope to operate from Ferihegy. (mehr von HA-LKM)
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HA-LKU finally got "her"... (Nikon D200) (mehr von HA-LKU)
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HA-LKV My farewell shot of LKViktor. Resting on the technical apron in the morning sun.The last opportunity to take a picture of 2 SkyEurope Classics side by side.HA-LKV, the plane I've flown the most with, would leave BUD for the last time later these day. Dedicated to all SkyEurope Hungary employees. (mehr von HA-LKV)
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OM-NGB c/n 32695/1919; approaching runway 23 [Nikon D70] (mehr von OM-NGB)
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