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F-BHHI Pilot cabin preserved in Mus�e de l'Air et de l'Espace Le Bourget. (mehr von F-BHHI)
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YU-AHB c/n 135 "Bled" Preserved in "Muzej jugoslovenskog vazduhoplovstva" near Belgrade airport. (mehr von YU-AHB)
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F-BHRU Finally after 4 years of restoration the cockpit of former "Poitou" has become a fully working flight simulator with every switch and gauge working. (mehr von F-BHRU)
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TZ-ADS Aircraft leased from Air Mali in 1983 and photographed at Lohausen on one of the numerous visits of Corse Air to the international exhibitions and fairs at Düsseldorf. On November, 5th in 1995 this particular Caravelle operated its last flight with a fake Colombian registration, hauling a load of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico. The Mexican authorities destroyed the plane in the same month. (mehr von TZ-ADS)
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HB-ICI Another visit of a CTA Super Caravelle to one of the numerous international exhibitions at Düsseldorf. Note the additional yellow stripe below the red one. (mehr von HB-ICI)
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HB-ICO SATA - SA de Transport Aerien Geneve was renamed into CTA in 1979 and only four Caravelles, the fifth was lost during a failed landing attempt at Funchal in December 1977, were operated. (mehr von HB-ICO)
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HB-ICN Only few charter flights, coming in for the numerous international fairs and exhibitions in Düsseldorf, make a night stop like this Super Caravelle. SATA.operated a fleet of five Caravelles and three DC-8´s in the late ´70s. (mehr von HB-ICN)