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HB-IYT Rolling for take-off on Rwy 16 at the time. Formerly G-CFAD with British Airways and several subsidiaries. Later became SE-DSZ with Braathens Regional and as of 2023 active with the Bahrain Defence Force as A9C-KAS. (mehr von HB-IYT)
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HB-IXQ Rolling for take-off on Rwy 16, enjoying the low autumn sunshine. Active in Chile as CC-DHU with Aerovias DAP as of 2023. (mehr von HB-IXQ)
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HB-IPR Rolling for take-off on Rwy 28 with A340-300 HB-JMD looming in the background. A319 HB-IPR was withdrawn from use in early 2013 and then flew with Safi Airways for another 3 years before getting scrapped in 2017. (mehr von HB-IPR)
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HB-IJV Arriving on Rwy 16 as it were at the time. Carrying non-standard Swiss titles after the Swiss Sun brand was abolished. Later transferred to Edelweiss Air under the same registration. (mehr von HB-IJV)


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HB-JMH LX2156 taxiing to rwy 28, extremely rare to see an A340 for rwy 28. (mehr von HB-JMH)
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HB-JBA "Kanton Zuerich", lining up on Rwy 02 for a flight to Geneva though. (mehr von HB-JBA)
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HB-JMI ZRH to ATH (mehr von HB-JMI)
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HB-JCA Approaching Rwy 14 in the mid-morning. (mehr von HB-JCA)
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HB-IOM Approaching Rwy 14, named after Biel/Bienne, a bi-lingual city in Western Switzerland. (mehr von HB-IOM)
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HB-JDA Approaching Rwy 14, named after Engelberg, a mountain resort village in central Switzerland. (mehr von HB-JDA)