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One of the very few 07s that are not cut up...former Air India 707
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Used to fly for LTU - after spending some years in the hot desert sun of Tucson it was ferried to OST and conversted to a freighter. It was registered LZ-PTC, LZ-TPC and 3C-QQX but hasn't flown since the cargo conversion
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Brings tears to my eyes to see these nice planes being cut up and converted to Coke Cans...
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Kennedy's 'Air Force One' used until the early sixities (if memory serves right) as the 707 was still too big for some airports...
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That's a nice playground! But it was pretty hard to get in. You can still see the seats in the cabin by the way...
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Somebody must have been really angry when he punshed the nose section...45įC shot - almost burned my hand when I touched the black lens...I was the only one that was running around like a madman from shadow to shadow taking pictures...
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Tucson - the 727 paradise! There was a TNT 727 - OY-TNT which I had seen in Toulouse 10 months before...small world, isn't it?
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The restoration work carried out on this aircraft was somewhat disappointing to see...unlikely that this aircraft will ever be allowed to fly under a Swiss reg.
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Guess it's a matter of taste but I just love this picture...
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Looks like a crash site...that piece of metal used to be a DC-9 srs30
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N749VR This Connie, after being stored at Avra Valley for 10 years, is being prepared for a flight across the Atlantic to Holland in spring 2002. Hydraulic, electrical and engine checks have been performed and a new paint has also been sprayed on the lovely fuselage. (mehr von N749VR)
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N550DS Build in 1964 , now used as a spares source at AMARC, TUS, AZ (mehr von N550DS)