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HS-TGC "Sriwanna" was leased only for ten months in 1976/77 from KLM. This aircraft was also seen as PH-DTL in full colours of its owner KLM,Garuda, VIASA and at least African Safari AW. From 2002 Africa One was the last owner, but only few work was done by this operator and from the beginning of 2004, this aircraft was stored at Kemble and broken up in the spring time that year. (mehr von HS-TGC)
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HS-TGS The only one DC-8-62AF of SAS was aquired by Thai AW in 1978, named "Jiraprapha" and she is seen here at Lohausen, leaving her nightstop-position after a diversion from Frankfurt. (mehr von HS-TGS)