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HC-CWN Arriving back at the Mariscal Sucre Airport after taking flowers as external load from Cayambe to Guayllabamba because of the closed roads due to the violent riots happening around the country. You can see my good friend Antonio Espinel waving at the camera. Ex F-HNSR (mehr von HC-CWN)
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LV-WGN Flight ANS 611 arriving in Quito from Guayaquil with Independiente de Avellaneda argentinian soccer team for a match with Independiente del Valle from Ecuador. Love this Mad-Dogs, sadly Andes doesn't fly anymore and the soccer teams come with Aerol�neas Argentinas. (mehr von LV-WGN)
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FAE452 Arriving with some extra altitude and transporting some FAE officials and members of the Government a little before the rain that was coming on the airport. (mehr von FAE452)
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N513SN Despite having this boring livery, this plane is an absolute beauty. Visiting us during the 2019 Valentine's flower season and getting ready to take off for Miami loaded with Ecuadorian roses. (mehr von N513SN)
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N104FE First time of Fedex in Ecuador!! A very exotic and special visitor at UIO due to the mother's day flower season of 2021. Flight FDX 9736 rolling down to runway 36 ready for departure back to MIA. Few days after this pic, Fedex brought to UIO a MD-11, a B777 and another B767 that I sadly missed to catch them due to covid-19 restrictions and a night time schedule. (mehr von N104FE)
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HC-CXB The beautiful "Condor" of Equair rolling down for take off from runway 36 with a beautiful sunset and on the day that this airline was celebrating its first month in the air. We wish them the best of luck!! (mehr von HC-CXB)
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FAV0207 I simply love the B732s!!! Since I started planespotting back in 2011 I was looking up to catch this B732 at UIO, finally I got my chance in 2016. FAV 0207 arriving from Caracas (SVMI) with the Venezuelan delegation on board for the CELAC Summit 2016. This one currently has the Conviasa livery and is registered as YV3434 but is still flying for the Venezuelan Government. (mehr von FAV0207)
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HC-CRU Arriving to its gate at Quito wearing a new special livery of "Banco del Pac�fico" and its debit card "Pacificard" that are congratulating Avianca for its 100th anniversary. (mehr von HC-CRU)
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HC-BDV Landing from the Amazon Rainforest probably carrying essencial supplies and people that were trapped due to the violent indigenous riots all around Ecuador that closed roads. Very rare to see here in Quito. (mehr von HC-BDV)
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HC-CUL A beautiful SR-22 taxiing for departure to La Celeste (SECC), doing several flights those days between Quito, Guayaquil, Latacunga, Ambato, Riobamba, La Celeste and more, due to the violent indigenous riots that closed several roads in the country. (mehr von HC-CUL)


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HC-CSS Departing to its resting place at Pifo, near the Mariscal Sucre airport after making several flights to the city of Ibarra and the surrounding area evacuating kids, transporting medical staff and carrying essencial supplies. The roads were closed by indigenous people who carried out violent social protests around Ecuador. (mehr von HC-CSS)
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FAB2800 Arriving from the Mariscal Lamar airport of Cuenca after transporting essential supplies and medicines to that city due to the closed roads during the violent indigenous riots around the country. So, planes from the Colombian and Brazilian air forces were doing humaniratian flights between cities of Ecuador. Obrigado pela vossa ajuda Brasil!! (mehr von FAB2800)
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PH-BHD Finally!! After years operating for KLM, the Dreamliner of the dutch airline landed at Quito and Ecuador for the first time. Sadly this first flight to Ecuador will be the only one of the B789 for now. It was operated as a "test" to check the performance of the plane on the AMS-UIO-GYE-AMS route. Getting the traditional water salute while rolling to gate 14. Thanks to KLM and Nicol�s Larenas for the help!! (mehr von PH-BHD)
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FAE893 The last Hercules in Ecuador departing from Quito to an unknown destination during the Spotter Day UIO 2019 organized by Ecuador Aviation Photography. (mehr von FAE893)
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HK-5385 For the first time LAS Cargo's Boeing 737-400F landed in Quito. In the photo, receiving the traditional water salute after its arrival from Bogota during a sunny afternoon and with a rainbow formed by the water particles. Thanks to Nicolas Larenas and Quiport for the opportunity to witness this event up close. (mehr von HK-5385)
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CN-RGB Departing during a rainy morning on a ferry flight directly from Quito to Casablanca after delivering 2.5 million covid-19 vaccines that were a donation of the chinese government. This was the second time Royal Air Maroc was at Ecuador, the first time a B789 came at night for the same motive. This time, a B788 came, with light and wearing the OneWorld livery. Stunning special visitor!! (mehr von CN-RGB)
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N741AV A beautiful A319 that it's now on the Avianca Ecuador fleet doing flights to Lima and New York and sometimes doing national flights as this one from Guayaquil (mehr von N741AV)
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FAE-052 Rolling down to runway 36 for takeoff to Guayaquil as "Ecuadorian Air Force 001" with ecuadorian president Guillermo Lasso onboard. This is currently the only presidential aircraft of Ecuador because the Embraer Legacy FAE-051 is up for sale and only make smal training flights until there's an offer for it. (mehr von FAE-052)
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HK-5330 The colombian airline, Sarpa started charter flights between Quito, Cali and Medellin. Finally, after several years we have a direct route to this two important colombian cities once again twice a week. Special thanks to the people of Quiport!! (mehr von HK-5330)