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UR-82060 The biggest aircraft in the world - Mriya ("Dream", first flight in 1988)! It's the fourth visit to Linz Airport of this heavy and loud freighter to Linz Airport. Photo taken shortly before engine startup on a windy morning. Operating positioning flight ADB 348F to Binhai Intl./Tianjin. (mehr von UR-82060)
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UR-82060 Due to the powerful thrust of the six Lotarjow/Progress D-18T engines, the AN-225 took off very early from rwy 26. (mehr von UR-82060)
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UR-82060 Antonov 225 Mriya arriving from Bangor, Maine USA for a quick fuel stop before departing to Chateauroux, France. First visit since 2012 (mehr von UR-82060)
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UR-82060 Special flight! As part of the "CORONA assistance", the Bundeswehr is using existing air transport capacities as part of the SALIS contract. The largest aircraft in the world, the Antonov "AN225" brought more than 10.3 million protective masks from Tianjin in China to Leipzig on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Defense and in support of the German Federal Ministry of Health. (mehr von UR-82060)
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UR-82060 Lots of people came to watch the Ukrainian giant. (mehr von UR-82060)