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20-5595 Belgian Air Force Days 2023 - USAF F-35 Demo Team (mehr von 20-5595)
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VH-PIV On display at the Flying Legends 2011 Airshow. This Warhawk powered by a Merlin engine was built in 1942. It was shipped to the Thirteenth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific, likely serving with the 347th Fighter Group in the Solomon Islands. The aircraft was abandoned on Espiritu Santo in Nov 1943. Recovered in the 1970s, the restoration was completed by 2011. The P-40F is painted as "Lee's Hope," flown by Lt Robert J Duffield of the 85th Fighter Squadron, 79th FG from Italy in 1944. (mehr von VH-PIV)
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52-6526 On display in the Cold War Gallery at NMUSAF. The swept-wing F-84F Thunderstreak was completely different to the straight-wing F-84 Thunderjet. It was powered by a Wright J65-W-3 engine rather than the Thunderjet’s Allison J35. The Thunderstreak equipped USAFE squadrons and a large number were supplied to NATO countries under the Mutual Defence Assistance Program during the Cold War. It could deliver a nuclear bomb using LABS. This aircraft served in Europe and the Ohio ANG before being flown to the museum in 1970. (mehr von 52-6526)
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N53612 On display at Planes of Fame Air Museum. This sailplane was built during World War II to train cargo glider pilots. It had a single wheel instead of a skid, and the fuselage had a steel-tube structure, weighing 475 lb empty. The USAAC placed an order for 75, followed by 75 more. These were given the designation TG-4A, but the flight characteristics were quite different to those of a cargo glider. After the war, these "L-K" gliders with a 23:1 glide ratio were used to promote civilian gliding, and some were modified to achieve higher airspeeds. (mehr von N53612)
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87-0800 On display in the Research & Development Gallery at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (mehr von 87-0800)