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141735 On display at Yanks Air Museum. This is one of 199 F-11F-1 Tigers built, redesignated F-11A in 1962. Intended as an upgrade for the F9F Cougar, the Tiger bore little design resemblance. It first flew on 30 July 1954 and was ordered for its supersonic performance. The F-11 started carrier operations in 1956 and was withdrawn by 1961, serving with seven USN squadrons. Delivered in 1957, this F-11 served with VF-21 "Mach Busters" in CVG-8, then with VT-23 "Professionals" and VT-26 "Tigers" till 1967. (mehr von 141735)
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153030 On display on the Flightdeck of the USS Midway Museum (mehr von 153030)
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168889 AG-201, VFA-103, Jolly Rogers, USS Abraham Linclon at Euronaval (mehr von 168889)
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167835 Seahawk from HSC-12 "Golden Falcons" approaching NAF Atsugi in the afternoon. (mehr von 167835)


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N4250Y BuNo 19075 under restoration at Yanks Air Museum. Visible is the 1,900 hp R-2600-20 Twin Cyclone radial engine, housing for 20mm cannon and the wide wheel track. The first USN squadron to fly the SB2C-1 in anger was VB-17 operating from USS Bunker Hill in 1943. The Helldiver started to replace the Dauntless in 1944, but the aircraft was not as well liked. Nevertheless, the SB2C-3 equipped fleet carriers of TF38 in time for Leyte Gulf. In a coordinated carrier air group attack, Helldivers went first. (mehr von N4250Y)
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