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160143 (AJ-706) VS-24 USS-Nimitz (CVN-68) (mehr von 160143)
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159503 (LN-503) VP-45 Jacksonville, FL (mehr von 159503)
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54605 On display at the Sea-Air Operations exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum. This is the 6th SBD-6 of 450 built, which was the last production model. Earlier models were famous for the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Battle of Midway and defense of Guadalcanal. This Dauntless is painted in the colors of VS-51. (mehr von 54605)
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160141 (AJ-704) VS-24 USS-Nimitz (CVN-68) (mehr von 160141)
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09102 On display aboard USS Intrepid. The Skyraider is from VA-15 'Valions'. (mehr von 09102)
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53842 On display aboard USS Intrepid, which embarked Avengers during World War II. Below the aircraft is a Mark 13 aerial torpedo. (mehr von 53842)
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145550 This Crusader is painted to represent Lt. Toni Nargi's aircraft from USS Intrepid that was credited with a missile kill of a North Vietnamese MiG-21 on Sept. 19, 1968. VF-111 'Sundowners' was deployed aboard USS Intrepid during Operation Rolling Thunder. The first supersonic fighter designed for the USN, the Crusader was popularly called "Last of the Gunfighters". The F-8's raised variable-incidence wing can be seen that helped flight control and visibility for the pilot during carrier landings. (mehr von 145550)