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5X-NIL ‘ Mt. Elgon ‘ as UR431 / UGD431 to Entebbe (EBB) . (mehr von 5X-NIL)
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F-WWYS Will be the 1st A330-841 for Uganda Airlines 5X-NIL (mehr von F-WWYS)
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5X-KDP Magnificent highlight at Brussels departing as UR470 to LGIR-HELX and further. This is one of two being delivery today to Uganda Airlines, the first one landed at Maastricht, but due the night Curfew this one diverted during the night into Brussels. A lovely sight! (mehr von 5X-KDP)
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YA-GAF C/n 19177. Arrived January 1997 @OST. Scrapped there in June 2004 after parking with no further flight. Acc. reliable source this a/c carried 600! pax during Yugoslaw war on an evacuation flight in July 1991!! Scan from paperprint-negative. (mehr von YA-GAF)
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YA-GAF Afghan registration, Varig colours, Uganda title! :-) (mehr von YA-GAF)
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5X-UAC Remember the good old days... Compliments to Marie. (mehr von 5X-UAC)
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YA-GAF Being broken up. Close up of the tail section (mehr von YA-GAF)
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YA-GAF Being broken up. We will miss you. after this on, Only 1 B707 can been seen in Belgium (mehr von YA-GAF)
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YA-GAF after only several minutes they stopped destroying this one because there where 2 engines hanging on the other side. (mehr von YA-GAF)