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VH-OQA On short final for runway 27R in the early morning. (mehr von VH-OQA)
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VH-OQA You can see on the right of Engine #2 still the fix from November 4th when this Aircraft had an engine rotor failure after departing from Changi Airport at Singapore (mehr von VH-OQA)
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VH-OQA On 4th November 2010, the 1st QANTAS A380 "Nancy Bird Walton" as QF32 had an uncontained engine failure in 1 of its RR Trent 900 engines over Indonesia. It limped back to Singapore, landing safely with significant damage. Repaired and put back into service after 500 days, it is seen here departing SYD as QF1, and was one of the last photos of my superb weekend at SYD, and probably my favourite photo! Stunning angles at SYD and thanks to Paul McCarthy for his friendship and help! (mehr von VH-OQA)
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VH-OQA With the first and best lights, Qantas A380 landiing on LHR for runway 27L. (mehr von VH-OQA)