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VH-ZNJ the most popular flight this day was this Qantas 787 with "100 years" livery on the second non-stop repatriation flight back to Australia (mehr von VH-ZNJ)
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VH-ZNJ Happy new year everyone! :-) First spotting session for me this year because of this Qantas Dreamliner with "100 years" colors, operation a second repatriation flight nonstop from FRA to DRW! (mehr von VH-ZNJ)
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VH-ZNJ Special visitor over New Year, second Qantas repatriation flight this winter, it will fly back nonstop to Darwin (mehr von VH-ZNJ)
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VH-ZNJ Qantas' latest Dreamliner painted in "100th Anniversary" special colours including all the different logos of the airline. First picture in database! (mehr von VH-ZNJ)