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ZD241 Just about to start a live taxy run along the runway (mehr von ZD241)
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XV104 South Wales Aviation Museum. Two VC10 nose sections both broken up at Bruntingthorpe and transported here by road. The one behind is XV109 (mehr von XV104)
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ZA150 This VC10 arrived here on 24th September 2013 and was the penultimate flight of any VC10. Still kept in liev taxying condition and looked after by Brooklands Museum (mehr von ZA150)
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ZD241 The six RAF Tristars still remain stored here along with three B747s and two VC10s. (mehr von ZD241)
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ZD241 full power on the runway was very loud (mehr von ZD241)
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G-ARVF Rare historic shot of G-ARVF operated by BOAC at what in 1966 was called Lod-Airport near Tel Aviv scanned from a slide (mehr von G-ARVF)
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5X-UVJ One of a total of five Super VC-10´s, operated by this three-nation-airline from the mid 60´s until 1977. Sistership 5X-UVA was destroyed at Addis Ababa in 1972 and the other three were registered as 5H-MMT, 5H-MOG and 5Y-ADA. All four aircraft left were sold to the Royal Air Force and were converted to VC-10 K3-tankers. 5X-UVJ became ZA149 and she was retired after 47 years of civilian and military operations and stored at Bruntingthorpe, UK (mehr von 5X-UVJ)
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XR806 on one of the numerous trooping flights, carrying British personal and soldiers of the ´Rhine Army` to manoeuvres in Canada. This VC10 was written off after a ground accident that ended up with the aircraft sitting on it's tail after an unsuccessfully defuelling and it was later scrapped at Brize Norton during 1999. (mehr von XR806)
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A4O-AB In 1987 this VC-10 returned to its birthplace Brooklands, where she had her first flight on October,17th 1964, and where she is preserved today. (mehr von A4O-AB)
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G-ASGC In the late 70´s British Airways operated a daily service LHR-DUS-Teheran-DUS-LHR with VC-10s. Around midday two VC-10s were present at Lohausen, one on the onward schedule to and one on the return flight from Teheran. In 1980 G-ASDC was withdrawn from service and donated to the Imperial War Museum Duxford. (mehr von G-ASGC)
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G-ARVF Today this aircraft is preserved at Hermeskeil near Trier (mehr von G-ARVF)
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ZA148 ex East African Airways before being convertted to a K.3 tanker for the RAF which has the fuel tank inside the fuselage (mehr von ZA148)
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G-ARVM Cockpit view restoration work still in progress. This aircraft was displayed at Cosford for many years before being broken up and the fuselage section moved here in 2006 (mehr von G-ARVM)
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G-ARVM Interior view of the main cabin with restoration work still in progress. (mehr von G-ARVM)