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D-BABY After the closure of the Air Classicexhibition, former Autair G-AHPB moved again right beside hangar 8 and was repainted into old LTU c/s. The last trip brought her to Winterthur in Switzerland, where she was scrapped and only few parts survived in private ownership. (mehr von D-BABY)
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G-AHPB after the completion with parts from sistership G-ARGW, and only days before her repainting in a silver-blue-white colourscheme with the fake registration D-BABY. (mehr von G-AHPB)
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G-AHPB "Marinus van Meel" arrived in September 1979 by road from Soesterberg, Netherlands, for the Air Classicexhibition and was reasembled until the end of the month. (mehr von G-AHPB)
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G-AIVF In the background was a Fokker F-27 of LTU. Scanned from slidede (mehr von G-AIVF)
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G-AGRW Wracked display off-airport in Schwechat. Built in 1945,this aircraft never flew for Austrian Airlines. It was on display at the McDonald's restaurant (mehr von G-AGRW)
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G-AGRU c/n 112. After many years being inside the hangar and difficult for photography 'RU is seen outside in the Spring sunshine. (mehr von G-AGRU)
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G-AGRW Preserved at the Mc Donnalds restaurant, close to the airport. (mehr von G-AGRW)