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N666SA CN 130, Weststar Aviation Services G-II private jet. (mehr von N666SA)
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VP-BDJ MSN 20046 LN 605 (1968) Ex Donald Trump business jet. Now base in Subang for Weststar Aviation Services. (mehr von VP-BDJ)
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N413JG MSN 23148 LN 1059 (1984) Personal Business Jet base in Subang. Ex America West, LADECO and West Jet Canada. (mehr von N413JG)
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VP-BDJ It is always good to photograph classics. This B727 was ex Trump air and now flying for Weststar. Seen here arriving from KL-Subang in perfect afternoon light. My first catch of this bird as well as not a common visitor to Sin. (mehr von VP-BDJ)
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VP-BDJ Really looks great this hybrid. Former Trump's plane, it retains its basic colours and has added large titles and tail logo. Passed through Palma on delivery flight from USA to Malaysia (mehr von VP-BDJ)