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C-FTJB still doing presentation flights, this new/old ATR will start scheduled services ex Iqaluit in mid-November (mehr von C-FTJB)
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C-GFPW 737-200 Combi, arrived on the daily flight from Ottawa. (mehr von C-GFPW)
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C-FPXD arrived from Montreal, still wearing the livery of its previous owner. (mehr von C-FPXD)
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C-GXFA departing to Ottawa. This pic looks only half as cold as it was... (mehr von C-GXFA)
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C-GXFA the only existing 727-200 Combi lined up for departure to Ottawa (mehr von C-GXFA)
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C-GTLD msn# 1722; del circa 1970 - Waiting for a Northern departure from Iqaluit, in front of First Air's local hangar/office. (mehr von C-GTLD)