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ZS-OAM Kulula is South Africa's first low-cost airline and still performing very strong. Every aircraft has a different paint scheme and this example is advertising "Europcar". First flight was in 1989 and it has been with a number of operators, including Air Europe, Dan-Air London, British Airways, Air One and Jerdan Bermuda. I can still recall seeing her in an all-white c/s. (mehr von ZS-OAM)
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ZS-OAM Kulula EUROPCAR Logojet rocketing off runway 03L (mehr von ZS-OAM)
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ZS-OAM Taken at the Poirt Elizabeth Airshow on my 18th birthday. There was no emergency, the fire trucks were just performing by driving up the runway, although they couldn't fly :-) ! (mehr von ZS-OAM)