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G-BYZJ "Pudsey Baby", named after a suburb of Leeds. Taxiing towards the terminal upon arrival. Later became SE-RHT with Viking Airlines and then EI-EOZ with Viva Aerobus. Stored at Greenwood in 2016 and later scrapped. (mehr von G-BYZJ)
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G-TOYB Taxiing towards Rwy 23 for departure back home towards the UK. Later operated by Kuban Airlines as VQ-BHC and Rutaca Airlines as YV3063. (mehr von G-TOYB)
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G-TOYK on her way to be transformed into Coke cans :( (mehr von G-TOYK)
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G-BVKB Dismantled at Bruntingthorpe and the fuselage is used for evacuation simulations (mehr von G-BVKB)