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B-16722 Presenting Eva Air's seventh Hello Kitty Jet, the Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet, on her first visit to Singapore, Eva's first destination in Southeast Asia to host one of her Hello Kitty Jets.This brand new 77W will operate a new permanent Hello Kitty flight schedule, BR215/216, between Singapore and Taiwan as well as be deployed to Houston from 21st June 2015. However she arrives here early today as BR225 for a media preview. (mehr von B-16722)
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A7-ALA Qatar's first A350 makes her first visit to SIN becoming the first A350 ever to set her wheels on Singapore. A sufficiently significant occasion that a water cannon salute awaits her at the airport. She arrives as QR944 from Doha. (mehr von A7-ALA)
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9V-MGB MI's second Boeing 737-800 returns from Penang. She is pictured taxiing past my hotel room on the way to her gate in Terminal 2 via South Cross. (mehr von 9V-MGB)
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B-16703 BR's Hello Kitty liveried 77W decelerates along runway 02L arriving from Taipei as BR225. This feline has the habit of visiting SIN on Friday. TGIF! (mehr von B-16703)
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9V-SSA SQ's spanking new A333, the first to be registered under the 9V-SSx series, arrives as SQ8893 on her delivery flight from Toulouse. (mehr von 9V-SSA)
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B-18355 CI's 'Welcome to Taiwan' liveried A333 operates CI752 from Surabaya today. (mehr von B-18355)
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VQ-BMS (1600 pix) This cute B747SP bizjet roars towards 20R. (mehr von VQ-BMS)
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VP-BLK This Las Vegas Sands Corporation VIP jet B747SP lifts off from runway 02C bound for Bangkok. (mehr von VP-BLK)
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B-16701 BR's newly painted Star Alliance logojet turns to park at gate D34. (mehr von B-16701)
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EI-DBF This Transaero B763 awaits boarding at gate D30. Only memories now. (mehr von EI-DBF)
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B-16701 (1600 pix) Freshly repainted into Star Alliance colours,Eva's first 77W parks at gate D34 upon arrival from Taipei as BR225. BR joins Star Alliance this very month. (mehr von B-16701)
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VT-ESN (1200 pix) Tanjore taxis along North Cross 3 after arriving as AI342 from Chennai. She was scheduled to arrive before dawn but was delayed to 1148LT today thus allowing me a chance to photograph her. (mehr von VT-ESN)
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G-STBB Speedbird15, recently upgauged to a 77W, turns into the central apron. (mehr von G-STBB)
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TC-JNI (1600 pix) Konak turns for gate C13 after arriving from Istanbul as TK66. She is adorned with Istanbul 2020 decals supporting Turkey's bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games. (mehr von TC-JNI)
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LX-VCG (1600 pix) City of Diekirch, Cargolux's newest B748F, taxis by on her way to runway 02C for departure. (mehr von LX-VCG)
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RP-C7775 Just moments before touchdown. PR511 has been an unscheduled upgauge to a 77W today and she sails in, delighting me as I track her thourgh my lens. (mehr von RP-C7775)
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VH-EBV Kangaroo Island arrives brand new from Toulouse as QF6022 on her delivery flight to SYD via SIN.She bears the One World livery. Thanks to Ninervictor(Facebook) for the information that made this shot possible. (mehr von VH-EBV)
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JA827J The first Dreamliner to land in SIN on revenue service manifests herself (mehr von JA827J)
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9M-AQN Beholding the starboard side of this brand new AK A320 painted in the new corporate livery as she is pushed back from gate D32. (mehr von 9M-AQN)
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9M-AQN Delighted to spot this spanking new AK A320 in new AK livery. In the background, EK432 taxis along NC3 for departure to Brisbane. VT-VJM is also pictured with a new look tail. Dedicated to all at AK. (mehr von 9M-AQN)
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B-16311 To my immense delight, BR226 to Taipei is operated by this A332 in the Hello Kitty 'Happy Music Time' special livery. Dedicated to the Taipei-Sapporo route, aircraft scheduling realities bring about her visit here. Thanks, Eva, for sending her here. Hope you do the same for the other three Hello Kitty specials. Thank you. Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore (mehr von B-16311)
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9V-OTC Scoot's brilliantly coloured T7 approaches rwy 20C as TZ5 from Gold Coast, Australia. (mehr von 9V-OTC)
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G-BNLU A pleasure to find this crested Speedbird operating BA11 into SIN (mehr von G-BNLU)
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9V-VLC Proudly carrying the Phua Chu Kang Musical sticker. Phua Chu Kang, of course, is the hilarious local sitcom. Now for a flight of fancy. What would the venerable Mr Phua say in the current context of bird flu, energy crisis and earthquakes/tsunamis/global warming? Probably 'Dont play play. Better pray pray' (mehr von 9V-VLC)