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A couple have a photo session, while N271WA is waiting for their next departure.
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Always a pleasure to see these giants together!
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UR-76704 what an amazing cockpit view! Special thanks to the crew members for this unique shot! (mehr von UR-76704)
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UR-82029 becomming checked by the antonov crew before the next take off. It is a quiet usual view at LEJ, because at Leipzig-Halle Airport is the european maintenance base of Antonov. (mehr von UR-82029)
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UR-82029 ...preparing work for the next flight. (mehr von UR-82029)
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D-ALCA: An early morning start and a straight climbing directly into the vapour trail. (mehr von D-ALCA)
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It seems incredible - just 6 of the huge cargo lifter at a german airport. at the same time. In LEJ it is quiet normal. Leipzig/ Halle is becomming one of the biggest cargo hub worldwide in the next 2-5 years. Notice the one with an open cargo door in the background.