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G-AHPB after the completion with parts from sistership G-ARGW, and only days before her repainting in a silver-blue-white colourscheme with the fake registration D-BABY. (mehr von G-AHPB)
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G-AHPB "Marinus van Meel" arrived in September 1979 by road from Soesterberg, Netherlands, for the ´Air Classic´exhibition and was reasembled until the end of the month. (mehr von G-AHPB)
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N8041B flew into Dusseldorf on September, 4th in 1979 with its previous military serial T.3-61 still visible. This DC-3 was bought by Air Classic from the Spanish Air Force and from the end of September it was displayed in the Air Classic Museum opposite the cargo area. (mehr von N8041B)
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D-ADAM crossing the perimeter road connecting the cargo area and the former LTU-hangar on her way to the exhibition park. (mehr von D-ADAM)
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D-ADAM Former F-BHML photographed during one of the"photo and film safaris" in summer 1978, wearing the fake registration ´D-ADAM´ and ´Air Classic` titles, but showing still the logo of Compagnie Air Fret. D-ADAM was parked on the main apron until it was transferred to the exhibition area in summer 1979. (mehr von D-ADAM)
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F-BHML The last commercial flown Super Costellation in Europe arrived two days before on a ferry flight with only three operational engines from Nimes. F-BHML was the first part of the "Air Classic" exhibition, which was located opposite the old cargo terminal and next to the airplane fuel yard at Lohausen. (mehr von F-BHML)
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HZ-ACJ Today the last B.707 military transport still active in Europe, registered as T.17-3 to the Fuerza Aerea Espanola, seen here on a VIP stopover at Lohausen. In the background F-BHML is visible, the last commercial flown Super Constellation in Europe, which arrived on three engines from Nimes on July, 27th in 1978. (mehr von HZ-ACJ)
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HZ-DAT B.707 -line number 50, seen here at Lohausen, 22 years after its first flight in 1959, in the first colourscheme of Dallah Avco with additional small Trans Arabia titles. (mehr von HZ-DAT)
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PH-MCE "Prins van Oranje" seen on delivery nonstop from the manufacturer Boeing, making a flypast over´Kaagbaan` runway 06 before his first touchdown at Schiphol. Aircraft still exists as SX-ASC of operator Aerospace One. last reported stored at Sharjah. (mehr von PH-MCE)
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PH-MCF "Prins Claus" seen during take-off on the ´Zwanenburgbaan` after the first of total two leasing periodes to Qantas, in the summertime of 1989. PH-MCF still makes a good job, registered as EP-ICD and operated by Iran Air Cargo. (mehr von PH-MCF)
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PH-MCE "Prins van Oranje" seen during pushback on its way back to Schiphol. PH-MCE always had a busy life, either as an airliner or as a freighter all around the globe. (mehr von PH-MCE)
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N9353 Photographed on a spring evening back in ´89 during a nightstop after a cargo flight with a precious metal load, one spoke of a gold transport. This DC-9 last was reported as N197US, operated by USA Jet Airlines, equipped again with windows. (mehr von N9353)
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G-UKLA "Flagship St. Andrew" One of the very first B.737-400´s delivered from 1988 onwards. This B.737 saw also services as 9M-MLC for Malaysian, VT-MGE for Modiluft, PH-BPA for KLM, TC-SKA for Sky Airlines and she operates actually as TF-BBH for Bluebird Cargo. (mehr von G-UKLA)
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D-ADJO "Essen" taxies to her Terminal A gate position after a flight from Toronto. After 40 years in service, delivery to Lufthansa was in January 1975, again she is operating services to Europe as a freighter, flown by Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter registered as C-GKFD. (mehr von D-ADJO)
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B-1894 China Airlines first Dynasty Cargo B.747 less then one year after delivery new on July, 24th 1980. Delivered to Kalitta Airways on September 10th, 2003 and sadly written off on May, 2nd 2008 at Brussels, when it overrun the runway and broked up in pieces. (mehr von B-1894)
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N7050U First flight of this ex-United Airlines B.727-100 was on November 12th, 1965 and she is seen here at Sky Harbour airport still wearing Allegheny Airlines colors . (mehr von N7050U)
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N727RW The "Spirit of Mexiko" in a modified Hughes Airwest colourscheme with a bare metal vertical stabilizer after the merge with Republic in January 1981, Republic also was a merge of Southern Airways and North Central Airlines on July, 1st 1979. (mehr von N727RW)
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N408BN "The Flying Colors Of The United States" at McCarran. Back in 1975 Braniff engaged the american artist Alexander Calder to paint a B727 in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the United States. In the early up to the mid 70´s Calder painted also another Braniff plane, a DC-8-62 known as the "Calder's Flying Colors". From 1988 until 1990 this B.727 operated also in Europe as TC-AJY for Torosair, unfortunately in a little colorful white painting. (mehr von N408BN)
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N9348 This DC-9 flew already for Germanair in 1968/69, registered as D-AMOR and named "Lovebird". She is seen here in her ´Banana Baby` colourscheme of former operator Hughes Airwest, lining up for take off runway 01R. (mehr von N9348)
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N9014U line number 31, one of the first generation B.737´s, on lease from United Airlines and aproaching McCarren Airport. In 1992 N9014U was broken up at Tucson International, still in basic United c/s. (mehr von N9014U)
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N612US on final approach, arriving on a weekend charter flight with gamblers on board, seconds before touchdown on runway 01R. This classic first generation B.747 flew over 30 years for Northwest, delivered new to Northwest Orient Airlines on May, 15th 1971, operating her last revenue flight on April, 6 in 2002, stored thereafter at Roswell, New Mexiko. (mehr von N612US)
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N1033F Short lived "Holidayliner Enterprise" in the colours of ONA at Rhein-Main. She was destroyed after collision with a PA-31 at Anchorage,Alaska on December, 23rd in 1983, operating as HL7339 for Korean Airlines. Four of the five DC-10-30CF, ordered by ONA were destroyed in accidents, only the last, N1035F survives as N304FE, operating for Federal Express. (mehr von N1033F)
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PH-DTL This DC-10-30 had her first flight on December 3rd, 1974 and the delivery date to KLM was on February 26th with immediate lease to Garuda Airways in full colours. In 1976/77 PH-DTL was leased, only for ten months, but in full colours to Thai International, named "Sriwanna" and registered as HS-TGC. This aircraft was also seen as PH-DTL in full colours of her owner KLM and as YV-139C in the colourscheme of VIASA in 1991. Last active operator was Africa One, registered her as 5X-ONE. Thirty years after her first flight she was scrapped at Kemble, UK. (mehr von PH-DTL)
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D-ABNF "Rizzi-Bird", built in 1991, is flying today as "Gloria" in the colours of British Airways - Open Skies as G-HAVN. (mehr von D-ABNF)
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N472GB in the old colour scheme of Air California, aproaching McCarren Field. In 1971 this B.737-100 was registered as D-ABWA to the West German Air Force, but immediately it was sold again to Boeing. With the merge of AirCal into American AL, N472GB was withdrawn from use and finally broken up at Mojave, California (mehr von N472GB)