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A6-EOW eleventh photographic session of 2023 inside the Malpensa airport. From this position called "deicing" the planes entering runway 35L are photographed. at a distance of 46 meters. To participate in these events information on (mehr von A6-EOW)
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EC-NYM technicians at work to replace the airplane window (mehr von EC-NYM)
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9H-QEU Emergency procedure at Malpensa in the late afternoon of Saturday 27 May: a flight to Barcelona returned to Malpensa early a few tens of minutes after take-off. The flight involved is that of 17.39 operated by Air Malta for Ryanair from Milan airport to the city Catalan: arrived over central Piedmont, the aircraft made a wide conversion then resumed the route towards the Milan airport To cause the return, the reporting of an anomaly relating to the trolleys which required technical checks. The 737 returned at 18.21 and was then flanked by vehicles from the airport fire brigade. At 18.45 the landings were blocked. Several flights were diverted, mainly to Linate but also to Turin and Orio al Serio (mehr von 9H-QEU)