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10+26 Visitor for the yearly summerfest at FMO together with a Transall C160 and a retired Bo105! (mehr von 10+26)
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F-WNOV NoveSpace-Air Zero A310 at Shannon after painting into a new livery by IAC. (mehr von F-WNOV)
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10+25 COBO43 during EART 2019 (mehr von 10+25)
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YA-CAV leaving Ataturk Airport with massive delay but unfortunately without sunlight...nevertheless great to see such a rare bird at least during daylight (as the STD was around midnight)! (mehr von YA-CAV)
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F-ODVF Evening Take-off on FRA RWY 18-West (mehr von F-ODVF)
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D-AHLB scanned - Running out of fuel because they couldn`t retract landing gear after departure out of Chania, Greece. Destination should have been Hannover, Germany but unfortunately they crashed few meters away from RWY34 at Vienna, Austria (mehr von D-AHLB)