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EC-340 Open Dagen 2019 - will be the first A330 MRTT for the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (mehr von EC-340)
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ZZ336 c/n 1363; Prinz Charles and Camilla it`s coming to berlin (mehr von ZZ336)
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ZZ336 On final approach to runway 21 with the honor guest Prince Charles on board. He arrives for a special visit to the Holy Land. (mehr von ZZ336)
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ZZ338 final approach after another "Red Flag" mission. (mehr von ZZ338)
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F-UJCG c/n1735 1st A330 MRTT France Air Force (mehr von F-UJCG)
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ZZ330 Freshly added sticker probably celebrating 100 Years RAF or similar. (mehr von ZZ330)