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OD-AFD Film scan. New Q(uiet)! As far as a 707 can be quiet, this one certainly was proud of her new hush kits. (mehr von OD-AFD)
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OD-AFD A flight deck shot of an classic B707. First delivered to MEA in 1969. Now waiting in the hangar.. This aicraft had witnessed the happy days of MEA and Lebanon ( 1968 - 1974) and the black years ( 1975 - 1990). When go inside the aircraft you can still hear the music of the good old days (mehr von OD-AFD)
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OD-AFB Featuring the wonderful cockpit as MEA pilots describes. In the memory of OD-AFB lost as a victim to the Israeli invasion in 1982. (mehr von OD-AFB)
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OD-AFB MEA's super Boeing flight from Beirut to London. Sadly the aircraft was destroyed by the Israeli invasion to Beirut in 1982. (mehr von OD-AFB)