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N611BN After seven years in service with Lufthansa, originally christened in 1972 as Niedersachsen, D-ABYG became the Big Orange N611BN, nicknamed also The Great Pumpkin, flying routes from Dallas to Europe as well to the Far East. Other airlines and registrations followed. British Caledonian and British Airways as G-BJXN, Continental AL and Continental Micronesia as N78019, Air Atlanta Icelandic as TF-ATA and finally Logistic Air as 5U-ACE. This old lady has been stored at Roswell since 2007 (mehr von N611BN)
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D-ABYR The Nordrhein-Westfalen was leased to Condor immediately after delivery to Lufthansa in January 1979. From summer 1980 D-ABYR was operated by Lufthansa until it was withdrawn from service in November 2001 and finally scrapped at Hahn in January 2002 (mehr von D-ABYR)
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D-ABZE c/n 23509 l/n 663. Built in 1986. "Stuttgart" (mehr von D-ABZE)
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D-ABYM stored after 9-11, now displayed in the museum in Speyer (mehr von D-ABYM)


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D-ABYM Delivered to Lufthansa in 1978 and withdrawn from service in 2001 in the wake of 9-11. Preserved at the Technikmuseum Speyer and mounted on poles in March 2002. (mehr von D-ABYM)
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D-ABYF `Fritz`on taxiway W heading for runway 06, today 05R, and for take-off to the canary islands. Clearly visible are the extended Krueger-flaps of the portside wing leading edge. From June 1979, registered as HL7447 and owned by Korean AL, this a/c first operated on lease to Saudia in full colours until October1980. From 1992 until 1996 this first generation 747 was flown by Nationair of Canada, registered as C-FNXA. After its flying career, the plane was scrapped at the small airport of Shelton in Mason County/Washington. (mehr von D-ABYF)