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G-BIKH Scan from slide, and yes, the tip of elevator is cut away (mehr von G-BIKH)
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G-OOBH On final approach to runway 35. (mehr von G-OOBH)
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G-CPEV Just before touchdown on runway 35. (mehr von G-CPEV)
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G-OOBG De-icing the aircraft before startup. This 757 arrived from Bristol to carry skiing tourists back home to London-Gatwick Intl. (mehr von G-OOBG)
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G-CPEV Preparing for departure to Manchester Intl. This jet was built in 1999 has already seen many operators including British Airways (its first owner), Air 2000, First Choice Airways, Skyservice Airlines and Thomson/TUI Airways. (mehr von G-CPEV)
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G-BMRI The great time of the various BA-tails before it changed into boring Chatham Union Flag colors. Here Flowerfield/Blomsterang. Paperfilmscan.o (mehr von G-BMRI)
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G-BMRH Beautiful "Nalanji Dreaming", Kodachrome 64 slidescan. (mehr von G-BMRH)