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PJ-VIC First Cockpit pic. in DB of an Embraer 110P1. Permission ok (mehr von PJ-VIC)
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PJ-VIC c/n 110261. Built in 1980. Deboarding after flight from Curacao to Aruba. (mehr von PJ-VIC)
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PJ-VIC Insel Air Embraer 110 very low fly-by because of the open day at the airport this day. (mehr von PJ-VIC)
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G-FLTY Unflown for many years now. Regn. cancelled in 2006 (mehr von G-FLTY)
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PT-SEA c/n 110352. Sadly, this aircraft crashed at Rio Manacapuru 80km west of Manaus on Feb 7th 2009, after suffering an engine failure. (mehr von PT-SEA)
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PR-NHR c/n 110394. This is the new Bandeirante from NHR Taxi Aéreo. Under restoration. (mehr von PR-NHR)