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RA-76511 passing a crowd of spotters on the fence on the way to runway 23L for early morning take off (mehr von RA-76511)


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RA-76951 Bringing some more parts for the historic Lufthansa Boeing B737-200 called "Landshut". After years of discussion about the place of the "Landshut Museum" the museum will be finally build at Friedrichshafen airport. (mehr von RA-76951)
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RA-76503 So here we go - my picture number 4.000 on Thanks to the team ! To honor 25 years of plane spotting, more than 650 flights around the globe on almost each and every aircraft type (sadly missing the IL62) to all continents except Australia, I decided to select the IL76 of VDA down in Antarctica two years ago. (mehr von RA-76503)
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RA-76951 Late evening takeoff 09:57 p.m. about 15 min after sunset. (mehr von RA-76951)