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D-AERN The only Tristar -200 in the LTU fleet, converted from the -1 series in April 1986 with the more powerful Rolls Royce RB211-524B4 engines, which also powered the Tristar 500. After fifteen operational years for LTU, D-AERN was sold to Millon Air in July 1996, converted to a freighter and registered as N851MA. (mehr von D-AERN)
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A4O-TV Gulf Air TriStar in Paris Charles de Gaule in Summer 1989 (mehr von A4O-TV)
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A4O-TT A cold, snowy and grey day at FRA, Kodachrome-25-slidescan. (mehr von A4O-TT)


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3X-GFP ex S2-AKB. She has been washed, cleaned and seems to be going to a new home after sitting idle for more than two years. (mehr von 3X-GFP)
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4R-ULM Built in 1981 and delivered to British Airtours as G-BHBP. Last operator was Kitty Hawk International as N106CK. dd 5/99 cnvtd to Freighter, rg 12/19/02 WFBN, strd VCV, canx 9/2/09 (mehr von 4R-ULM)