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EC-HJB Taxiing towards Rwy 28 for departure, operating a Swiss flight. Produced by SAIC in China for China Southern Airlines. Most recently operated by World Atlantic Airlines as N803WA from 2011 until 2019, scrapped in 2020 at Opa Locka. (mehr von EC-HJB)
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9A-CDD About to touch down on Rwy 15 as it were. Transferred to Orient Thai Airlines as HS-MDK in 2011 and out of service but preserved since 2013. (mehr von 9A-CDD)


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LZ-LDJ Might be the last MD82 in Erfurt ever since BUC will retire their MD82s next month. (mehr von LZ-LDJ)
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LZ-LDJ BUC/H6 5849 Burgas (LBBG/BUJ) - Poznan Lawica (EPPO/POZ) (mehr von LZ-LDJ)
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LZ-LDP Face to face with the last passenger MD-80 in the EU (mehr von LZ-LDP)
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LZ-LDP They always say it will be the last season to fly the Maddog. (mehr von LZ-LDP)