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G-ASGC No one could fail to glance at one of these beauties on the apron in its heyday. That shade of BOAC dark blue looked all the more alluring under lights at night. From a few flights on the VC10, I remember the cabin was quiet in flight, more so towards the front. It was the epitome of comfort and elegance back in the day. This Speedbird first flew in Jan. 1965 and had an innings with BA till April 1980, when she was withdrawn from use and displayed at Duxford. (mehr von G-ASGC)
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ZD241 Just about to start a live taxy run along the runway (mehr von ZD241)
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XV104 South Wales Aviation Museum. Two VC10 nose sections both broken up at Bruntingthorpe and transported here by road. The one behind is XV109 (mehr von XV104)
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ZA150 This VC10 arrived here on 24th September 2013 and was the penultimate flight of any VC10. Still kept in liev taxying condition and looked after by Brooklands Museum (mehr von ZA150)
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ZD241 The six RAF Tristars still remain stored here along with three B747s and two VC10s. (mehr von ZD241)
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ZD241 full power on the runway was very loud (mehr von ZD241)
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G-ARVF Rare historic shot of G-ARVF operated by BOAC at what in 1966 was called Lod-Airport near Tel Aviv scanned from a slide (mehr von G-ARVF)
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