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D-CPRV c/n 3093 arrived for paint into City Star Airline colors, her new operator. Note the Rudder has already been painted blue. Will become TF-CSB. (mehr von D-CPRV)
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D-CPRV still in Alitalia colours. Has titles on left side only. (mehr von D-CPRV)
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D-CPRV Still with Minerva colors ! (mehr von D-CPRV)
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OE-LKE Beginning its tight turn in the valley. These pilots are good! (mehr von OE-LKE)
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D-CGAP Fighting gusts on finals to rwy 08. The strange light is caused by Saharan sand that was carried by strong southerly winds across Central Europe! (mehr von D-CGAP)
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OE-LKF AIR ALPS 078 is decending to 7000 as where're vectored onto the ILS RWY18R. Right infront of us it's the Ketelmeer. The IJsselmeer begins just behind that highway brigde. Finally the smal town is Urk. (mehr von OE-LKF)
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OE-LKF Visual approach into Innsbruck. About to pass the famous Martinswand on our left hand side! (mehr von OE-LKF)
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OE-LKF In breaking action after our visual approach on RWY08. (mehr von OE-LKF)
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OE-LKF A simply magnificent and breathtaking view is provided as we are descending into Innsbruck with a direct routing to KŁhtai, followed by a visual approach for RWY08. Special thanks go to Air Alps and this flight's crew for their invitation for this flight. (mehr von OE-LKF)