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20-1101 WEF 2019 visitor, On final approach to runway 14 before sunset. (mehr von 20-1101)
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19-5173 Blue Impulse T-2 on display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum. Japans first independently developed supersonic jet training aircraft was powered by two 32.5 kN Ishikawajima-Harima TF40-IHI-801A turbofans. The prototype first flew on July 20, 1971 from Nagoya Airfield, and 96 of the type were produced till 1988. Blue Impulse replaced its F-86F with the T-2 in 1982 and it remained the mount of the aerobatic team till 1995. (mehr von 19-5173)
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13-8510 On static display at Hamamatsu during Air Festa 2019. This F-2A belongs to the 1st Technical School based at Hamamatsu. (mehr von 13-8510)
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71-5239 On display at JASDF Hamamatsu Kohokan. This aircraft is painted in the markings of 33rd Kokutai. (mehr von 71-5239)
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TX-7101 On display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum under the wing of the UF-XS. This Safir was modified by the Japan Defense Agency’s Technical Research and Development Institute to test high-lift devices to improve take-off and landing performance. The results of these tests helped in the development of the UF-XS and PS-1/US-1 flying boats, as well as the C-1 transport and Asuka STOL aircraft. (mehr von TX-7101)
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52-8861 F-15 taxiing for short demo flight at Tsuiki airshow. (mehr von 52-8861)