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N420LA is now in service for LATAM Cargo after it was withdrawn from use from the previous operator MAS Air Cargo! First pic with LATAM - titles in database! (mehr von N420LA)
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N540LA Landing Polderbaan in very last sunrays after sunset (mehr von N540LA)
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N534LA The first aircraft of the new Ecuadorian subsidiary of Latam Cargo. N534LA with the livery "Avi�n Solidario" now operates for Latam Cargo Ecuador. In the photo, taking off from Quito bound for Miami as LNE312. (mehr von N534LA)


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N538LA c/n 34628 l/n 945. Built in 2006 and delivered to LAN Airlines as CC-CWH. Ex LATAM Argentina as LV-CKU (mehr von N538LA)
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CC-CXD was recently converted to a freighter with all the modifications still visible due to a missing new paint! (mehr von CC-CXD)
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CC-CXD and the other side, also with many traces of the cargo conversion visible (mehr von CC-CXD)
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