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EC-EFJ The `new`Spantax operated only three flights together with her sistership EC-EFK into DŘsseldorf, then in March 1988 Spantax finally ceased all operations. Other operators of this MD-83 were British West Indian Airlines, TWA and at least American Airlines (mehr von EC-EFJ)
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N1035F This DC-10-30CF was originally ordered by Overseas National Airlines, but Icelandair was the first operator in 1979, then Air Florida in 1980 and from September 1982 Spantax in this hybrid Icelandair-Air Florida-Spantax livery. In 1984 she was converted to a DC-10-30F ( freighter ) for Fedex as N304FE and she flies today, after 36 years in service, as MD-10-30F (mehr von N1035F)
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EC-DUB This B.737-2K5 ( ex D-AHLF ) was bought from Hapag-Lloyd in 1984. (mehr von EC-DUB)
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EC-CGZ The picture shows DC-9 line number 8, one of three DC-9-14 operated by Spantax. From 1994 this aircraft was operated by Allegro Air of Mexico, where it run out of fuel and crashed at Tampico, Mexico on May, 14th in 1996. (mehr von EC-CGZ)
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EC-DVB This DC-8-61 was modified to DC-8-61F/LD standard,( looks like a DC-8-63 ) in the 90┤s by Airborne Express with DC-8-63 engines and pylons. (mehr von EC-DVB)
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EC-DUG Spantax bought this DC-10-30 from Swissair ( ex-HB-IHB ) in 1984. From 1986 Continental Airlines operated this bird as N19072 until retirement in 2001. (mehr von EC-DUG)
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EC-BJD Stored together with nine other ex-Spantax Coronados at Palma, waiting for dismantling. This CV-990A was buildt and operated originally for American Airlines from 1962 until 1967 (mehr von EC-BJD)
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EC-BQQ One of only two Coronados of Spantax, which were painted in ┤new┤colours. The second one is EC-BZO, which still survives in derelict condition at Palma. (mehr von EC-BQQ)
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EC-BQA Clearly visible are the carrots on the wings, which improved the speed performance. The Coronado was the fastest subsonic passengerjet (mehr von EC-BQA)
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EC-BZO This Coronado still survives at Palma and it is seen here in the old colours of Spantax in a better state (mehr von EC-BZO)
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EC-ASJ c/n BA-6 Preserved in the "Museo Nacional de Aeropuertos y Transporte AÚreo" in Malaga (mehr von EC-ASJ)
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EC-ASP c/n 26980. ex EC-WSP < OO-SBK < G-AMZB < KK202 < 43-49719. Now preserved in Sabadell airport and waiting restoration works. (mehr von EC-ASP)
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EC-ASJ Preserved at Museo de Aeropuertos y Transporte aereo - Malaga (mehr von EC-ASJ)
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EC-BZO the last Spantax Coronado awaits it┤s fate in a remote corner at the northern part of PMI. (mehr von EC-BZO)
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EC-ASJ c/n AF-752. ex N9962Z < 52-10822. (mehr von EC-ASJ)
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EC-BZO Sad view... Unfortunately this beauty will never fly again. (mehr von EC-BZO)
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