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VT-TMU One of seven ATR 72-500s in Trujet's fleet at its home base in the afternoon at RGIA. Trujet currently serves 21 destinations from its hub. The terminal building is being extended in the background. (mehr von VT-TMU)
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VT-SIM One of the fleet of four helicopters belonging to the air charter service Aryan Aviation taxis out for departure at Birsa Munda Airport in the late winter afternoon. (mehr von VT-SIM)
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VQ-BQG Morning arrival at Narita. (mehr von VQ-BQG)
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VT-PPV At the gate at IGIA T-3 on a summer afternoon, with VT-PPI in the background. (mehr von VT-PPV)
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D-FMVS Taxiing in after its display at Flying Legends 2011. The paint scheme is inaccurate. The emblem on the nose denotes I./JG 27 Afrika and it carries the chevrons of the Geschwaderkommodore under Luftflotte Reich. The victory markings on the rudder are of Oberst Hermann Graf who finished the war with 212 victories, but did not serve in JG 27. (mehr von D-FMVS)
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40-2344 One can imagine Lt Col Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25B tied down to USS Hornet and being armed in this diorama at the Nat. Museum of the USAF. Launching 10 hours earlier and further away from their targets then intended on 18 April 1942, the 16 B-25s left an indelible psychological impact as the first raid on the Japanese homeland. Fifteen aircraft barely reached China and one the Soviet Union on the most daring one-way mission. All 80 airmen were awarded the DFC and Doolittle received the Medal of Honor. (mehr von 40-2344)
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DH+DE Wreckage of a Taifun at the Luftwaffenmuseum with the Argus As 10c inverted V-8 engine visible and some traces of dark blue paint. Thought to have been built in Regensburg in 1939, its registration could also be DA+DE, DR+DE or DH+BE. It may have been part of Jagdfliegerschule 3 (JFS 3) based at Stolp-Reitz. Or it is from 2./JG 103 based at Parow, as a Taifun was shot down from above over Ruegen on 14.12.44, as bullet holes indicate. It was recovered in Nov. 2009.
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VT812 On display at RAF Museum Hendon. This Vampire served with No. 32 Sqn. at Cyprus in Dec. 1948, and then moved to No. 614 (County of Glamorgan) Sqn. in 1950 and to No. 601 (County of London) Sqn. in 1952. After repairs following Cat 3 damage, it moved to No. 602 (City of Glasgow) Sqn. and by 1955 was used for ground instructional use and display. (mehr von VT812)
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A16-199 Combat veteran on display at RAF Museum Hendon. Intended for the RAF as FH174, this aircraft was diverted to No. 13 Sqn. RAAF in 1942. On 3 Feb. 1943 it shot down a F1M2 floatplane. It then joined No. 2 Sqn. RAAF in April 1943 and shot down a Ki-21 at New Guinea in May. In 1947 the Hudson was sold to a flying school, after which it undertook aerial survey work. In 1973 it was flown to Scotland that included two stops in India, and finally was sold to the RAF Museum in 1981. (mehr von A16-199)
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170 On display at Luftwaffenmuseum Gatow. These aircraft served as advanced jet trainers and in the target towing role with Fliegerausbildungsgeschwader 25 (FAG-25) at Bautzen and Zieldarstellungskette 33 (ZDK-33) at Peenem�nde. This aircraft was one of two used by ZDK-33 of the NVA from 1980 to 1990 for target towing, in which the rear cockpit contained a cable drum. (mehr von 170)
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N7791 On display at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, NASM. This ex-RCAF Lysander with s/n 2346 was sold to a private owner in Canada, then the USA, eventually reaching NASM. She carries the later code AC-B of No. 138 (Special Duties) Sqn. RAF which flew an assortment of aircraft. During 1941-42, No. 138 (SD) Sqn. used the code NF and such a Lysander would have a ladder fixed to the fuselage and carried a 150 gal. fuel tank to drop off and collect agents in France. (mehr von N7791)
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XV202 This is the last RAF C-130K Mk.3 to be retired, which served from 1967 to 2011. It was handed over in Sept. 2013 to RAF Museum Cosford for display. (mehr von XV202)
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0138 On display in the markings of the NVAF at the Nat. Museum of the USAF. This aircraft was obtained from the 457th Technical Evaluation Sqn. based at Nellis AFB. The majority of NVAF MiG-19s were the Shenyang J-6, which equipped the 925th Fighter Regiment. Mainly used during Operations Linebacker I & II, MiG-19s claimed seven victories over the F-4 Phantom II in 1972 by using Kuban tactics that included trailing NVAF MiG-21s by staying low or attacking under GCI and being able to out-turn the F-4. (mehr von 0138)
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RA-3587K On the flight line at Flying Legends 2011. (mehr von RA-3587K)
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D-AIGP Lined up on Rwy 14 at Plaisance for departure on a summer morning. (mehr von D-AIGP)
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VT-AYC Pushback at CSIA as IX-247 bound for Dubai. The colourful tail represents Patola silk from Gujarat. (mehr von VT-AYC)
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JA744A Ready for departure from Sapporo to Fukuoka as NH290. (mehr von JA744A)
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EI-DSO Pushback at Guglielmo Marconi Airport on a summer afternoon. (mehr von EI-DSO)
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N2203 On display at the Museum of Flight. This replica is Bestellnr. 535/17, likely from Jasta 6 as per its markings. The original triplane would have flown with Jagdgeschwader 1 comprising of Jagdstaffeln 4, 6, 10 and 11. The first fighter wing of the Luftstreitkraefte was created in June 1917 and commanded by Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen, the only logical choice. Along with the famous red triplane of the ace, a number of colourful aircraft made up the Flying Circus, as it was referred to by RFC pilots. (mehr von N2203)
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S7-SIL Silhouette on short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a cloudy summer morning. (mehr von S7-SIL)
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VT-SCR Taxiing out for departure from IGIA T-3 to Rwy 29 on a winter afternoon. (mehr von VT-SCR)
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G-SPIT This Spitfire was built at Keevil in 1944 and stored by the RAF before going to the Indian Air Force. It was acquired by British warbird collector Doug Arnold and then fully restored by 1992. It is seen here taxiing in at Flying Legends 2011 wearing the code JE-J of famous ace Wg Cdr Johnnie Johnson, who ended the war flying Mk. XIVE MV268. All his 34 confirmed victories were fighters. (mehr von G-SPIT)
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KH2013 Tejas Limited Series Production No. 3 (LSP-03) rocketing off Rwy 09 at Aero India 2017. (mehr von KH2013)
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900 On display at the RSAF Museum. The TA-4S and TA-4S-1 were upgraded by Singapore Aircraft Industries (SAI) into the TA-4SU Super Skyhawk, of which the RSAF was the only operator of the type with its unique double cockpit arrangement. The two-seat Skyhawk trainer was combat capable. SAI replaced the Wright J65 turbojet with a non-afterburning GE F404 engine on RSAF Skyhawks during the upgrade. (mehr von 900)
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N718BA Turning on to Rwy 16R for departure at Paine Field. (mehr von N718BA)