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SU-GED 1st time at GVA and 1st time with special c/s on planepictures! (mehr von SU-GED)
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RA-64522 No it was not at VKO but really at GVA!!! Sorry for the poor light due to very bad weather conditions, but 4 Russian planes on the same picture isn't very often outside of Russia! (mehr von RA-64522)
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RA-76719 1st picture on planepictures.net, This is the biggest plane ever entered inside the Parking P48. Note The Boeing 777 of Saudia on landing runway 22 and Legacy D-ADCP on taxi to holding point Alfa runway 22. (mehr von RA-76719)
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ZE700 1st visit at GVA with the special livery for the 100 years of the RAF! (mehr von ZE700)
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N7025N What a surprise to see it in Annecy Airport!!!! Thanks to the crew to permit us to went inside this beauty!!! (mehr von N7025N)
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C-GLBO Welcome to the new Bombardier Global 7500 at EBACE 2018! (mehr von C-GLBO)
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VP-BCI What a dream!!! Sun, snow in the mountains, and surely one of the best highlights of the year at GVA! On landing runway 05 from MST! (mehr von VP-BCI)
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ZS-TRJ Sadly all white but nice to see MD-87 with ZS reg! On Tunisair Express Flight! (mehr von ZS-TRJ)
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5U-GRN 1st visit at GVA of the new BBJ for the Niger Government. (mehr von 5U-GRN)
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A6-FZZ 1st visit at GVA of this new plane for Dubai Air Wing! (mehr von A6-FZZ)
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HB-JCA First time outside with it's new special c/s! sorry for the quality this beauty went out in very early morning and then went back inside to be hide before the ceremony for the delivery! (mehr von HB-JCA)
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RA-89067 Nice weather, nice background with a beautiful russian plane. It can't be better! (mehr von RA-89067)
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D-AGEU One of the last Winter Charter for this season 2016-2017 at Chambery! (mehr von D-AGEU)