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F-ORME An overview to the city of history "Beirut". It was very stormy out there as MEA new A321 makes its first landing at the cedar home. Sorry for the quality. (mehr von F-ORME)
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F-ORME MEA parking towards the hangars for the party of its delivery. Pretty woman walking down the street, during a heavy winter storm. Sorry for the quality i couldn't keep the rain away from my camera (mehr von F-ORME)
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F-ORME I don't belive it. Even on A321 every passenger in Bussiness class and economy gets personal t.v. Keep going MEA (mehr von F-ORME)
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F-ORME Just before a day from its delivery flight to Beirut. MEA A321 marks a new golden era just when MEA took up its first B707 in 1968 when it had also entered a golden era (mehr von F-ORME)
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F-ORME The delivery party at Beirut Airport for MEA first owned Airbus A321. MEA didn't purchase a new aircraft from the manfacture since 1974 when it introduced the Boeing 747-200 (mehr von F-ORME)
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OD-AFL After two years of the ending of the golden era because of the Lebanese war, relative calm in july 1977 marked that MEA may get a golden era. A new war was near but hopes remained high. This aircraft was destroyed by shelling in Augest 1985. (mehr von OD-AFL)
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9G-ABP One of MEA's leased VC10 from Ghana Airways. Sadly the aircraft was blown up by Israli trrops when parked on the ramp on the 28th of December 1968 (mehr von 9G-ABP)
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OD-AFD A flight deck shot of an classic B707. First delivered to MEA in 1969. Now waiting in the hangar.. This aicraft had witnessed the happy days of MEA and Lebanon ( 1968 - 1974) and the black years ( 1975 - 1990). When go inside the aircraft you can still hear the music of the good old days (mehr von OD-AFD)
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OD-AFB Featuring the wonderful cockpit as MEA pilots describes. In the memory of OD-AFB lost as a victim to the Israeli invasion in 1982. (mehr von OD-AFB)
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OD-AFB MEA's super Boeing flight from Beirut to London. Sadly the aircraft was destroyed by the Israeli invasion to Beirut in 1982. (mehr von OD-AFB)
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OD-AGE bought from Western (Jan 74), this aircraft was destroyed by shell which killed the captain while parking at Beirut on 27 June, 1976 (mehr von OD-AGE)
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OD-AFO Happier days at Beirut Airport. MEA operated 3, Boeing 707, and 16 Boeing 720. Most were lost in the Lebanese War. (mehr von OD-AFO)
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3B-STK undertaking some checks. Here is the photo of the cockpit. (mehr von 3B-STK)
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OD-AFZ all of us MEA employee were escaping Beirut to Orly after the destruction of a B720 by shell (OD-AGE), and the death of its captain. (mehr von OD-AFZ)
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F-OHMR one of MEA's A320 undertaking A1 check, and engine change. (mehr von F-OHMR)
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OD-AEV nice aircraft, nice weather, and nice terminal. Welcome to Beirut Airport during the happiest days of Lebanon. (mehr von OD-AEV)
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OD-AFN the first aircraft to Land at Beirut Airport after 6 months of closure becasue of war. (mehr von OD-AFN)