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OE-GGG A beautiful business airliner taxiing out for departure to Milano-Malpensa Intl. (mehr von OE-GGG)
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TC-ACG A colourful painted jumbo jet operating the weekly cargo schedule Istanbul-Algiers-Linz-Istanbul instead of the usual Turkish Cargo Boeing 777. Originally built for All Nippon Airways in 1992 (ex JA8958). (mehr von TC-ACG)
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9H-CGA The first commercial cargo flight of an Airbus A321-200 in Europe! This narrowbody was built for Swissair in 1998. It also flew for Air Mediterranee, AerCap, flyCAA and Vallair before being converted to a freighter and delivered to SmartLynx Cargo in June 2021. Perfect morning light for schedule 6Y 4026 Leipzig/Halle - Linz. (mehr von 9H-CGA)
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HA-LYR Engine-startup for a ferry flight to Timisoara/Romania (WZZ 802). Arrived on charter flight WZZ 9001 from Cluj-Napoca/Romania. This is the first visit of a Wizz Air aircraft to Linz Airport. (mehr von HA-LYR)
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D-ACLO Taxiing to its parking position after a morning arrival as cargo flight QY 4026 from Leipzig-Halle Intl. Originally built for Malaysia Airlines in 1997 (9M-MQN) this Boeing 737-400 jetliner has also been in service for operators including Air Malta (9H-ADK) and NewGen Airlines (HS-NGB). (mehr von D-ACLO)
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G-DHKS Cargo schedule QY 4026/7 Leipzig-Brno-Linz-Leipzig. (mehr von G-DHKS)
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9H-SUN Visiting Linz Airport on another COVID-19 'preighter' flight nonstop from Tianjin-Binhai Intl. (HFM 639). (mehr von 9H-SUN)
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VP-BAT First picture of this shiny Global 7500 in database. Performing a few touch-and-go's at Linz Airport. (mehr von VP-BAT)
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LZ-BOO Charter flight LB 3011 arriving to Linz via RWY 08 from Sofia Intl./Bulgaria. (mehr von LZ-BOO)


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UR-82009 Delivered in 1987 this AN-124 has also been painted in Aeroflot colours. Note the chevron engine cowls. This heavy cargo airliner arrived from Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. and is now awaiting its next flight to Bamako Intl./Mali via Marseilles and Ouagadougou (ADB 5706). (mehr von UR-82009)
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UR-82008 Awaiting its ferry flight ADB 314F from Linz to Bagram Air Base/Afghanistan. (mehr von UR-82008)
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EC-MTT Illuminated by some warm morning sunrays this A330 is resting on the apron to await its next flight to Shanhai-Pudong Intl. Ex LTU/Air Berlin D-ALPD (built in 2002). (mehr von EC-MTT)
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UR-74010 This rare cargo airliner arrived from Kyiv-Gostomel, made a short stop at Linz Airport to continue the leg to Munich Intl. (ADB 9129). (mehr von UR-74010)
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UR-82027 On short final to RWY 08 as cargo flight ADB 3797 from Tianjin-Binhai Intl. via Alamaty and Baku-Heydar Aliyev Intl. (mehr von UR-82027)
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D-ABMR Just arrived to Linz Airport in a very bright and warm evening light. New aircraft for BMW Flugdienst. (mehr von D-ABMR)
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EI-STV Newly registrated to ASL Airlines Ireland. I met this aircraft here at LNZ about a year ago when it was still wearing its former registration HA-FAU. If you take a closer look to the engine-coverage, you can still see the old reg written on. (mehr von EI-STV)
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TC-SGM Cargo long-hauler TK 6311 reversing on arrival from Kiev-Borispil Intl. Operating this schedule instead of a Turkish Airlines Cargo Airbus A330. (mehr von TC-SGM)
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LY-MRN Cargo flight KLJ 1722 to St. Petersburg-Pulkovo Intl. A few years ago this little freighter was a regular visitor at Linz Airport as its previous operator, Blue Bird Cargo operated the cargo schedule Linz-Leipzig using this aircraft (previous registration: TF-BBG) many times. (mehr von LY-MRN)
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EC-MTU Arriving LNZ nonstop from Shanghai-Pudong Intl. as flight PLM 929. (mehr von EC-MTU)
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EC-MTU Making its way to the active on the leg PLM 929 Shanghai-Linz-Efurt after a short stop here at LOWL. (mehr von EC-MTU)