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D-AEAC Face to face with a very beautiful and elegant long-haul Airbus. (mehr von D-AEAC)
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OO-JNL 'Sunshine' leaving sunny Tenerife Island bound for Amsterdam-Schiphol Intl. (mehr von OO-JNL)
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EC-LGF Named after a special species of fish that is habitated in the Atlantic Ocean around the Canary Islands and is called 'Pejeverde'. (mehr von EC-LGF)
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SU-TMM It was a very cold and foggy night when this beautiful 737 visited Linz in the new colours of FlyEgypt. Seasonal holiday flight FEG 3042 to Hurghada Intl. (mehr von SU-TMM)
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D-AEAL Another beautiful heavy cargo airliner visiting Linz Airport on the Leipzig schedule. (mehr von D-AEAL)
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I-ADJK Gliding down RWY 08 on arrival from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as schedule EN 8040. (mehr von I-ADJK)
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D-AIUF The afternoon light is bright and clear as this 2014-built A320 arrives Linz Airport from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as Lufthansa flight LH 1252. (mehr von D-AIUF)
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EC-KOM Taxiing out to the departure runway with the city of La Laguna in the background. (mehr von EC-KOM)
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EC-KOM Full power for departure back to Madrid-Barajas Intl. (mehr von EC-KOM)
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EC-KLR Slowing down on RWY 30 after a short flight from Gran Canaria Island. (mehr von EC-KLR)
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EC-MMM This turboprop is named after the Gofio Canario - one of the oldest Canarian food products by the first native inhabitants that is still produced today by the usage of windmills. (mehr von EC-MMM)
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EC-MJG Taking a closer look to ATR 'Los Gofiones' (the name of a musician group from Gran Canaria) departing Los Rodeos Airport in the evening sunlight. (mehr von EC-MJG)
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EC-KYI Named 'Guarapo' - a special type of honey that is made of the juice from Canary palm trees on the island of La Gomera. (mehr von EC-KYI)
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EC-FTR Bringing the last Christmas presents to Austria in an early and rainy morning. Merry Christmas to everyone! (mehr von EC-FTR)
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EC-IZO This turboprop was in service for Binter Canarias until 2016. Departing Los Rodeaos Airport with the city of La Laguna in the background. (mehr von EC-IZO)
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EC-JQL Wearing the airline's old livery. This ATR-72 is named after volcano Teide on Tenerife Island - the highest mountain in the Atlantic Ocean area. (mehr von EC-JQL)