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D-CVHA c/n 680-0050. New reg for the database and the first C680 on the German register. Hoping for better weather next time ;-)! (mehr von D-CVHA)
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D-BDXC c/n 3220. The last production Do328JET is climbing out from RWY 22 at a snowy Oberpaffenhofen! [Canon 20D, Canon 75-300mm, Skylight Filter] (mehr von D-BDXC)
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D-AKNM First day of operations for the new logojet of Germanwings! Seen here on the way to RWY 08L for departure to CGN. [Canon 20D, Canon 75-300mm, Skylight Filter] (mehr von D-AKNM)
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HB-JEP c/n 5070. ex N870GA. Brandnew G550 leaving Luton on delivery. Fortunately, the English weather can neither keep the good planes nor the spotters away ;-)! [Canon 20D, Canon 28-80mm, Skylight Filter] (mehr von HB-JEP)
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D-ISPN Shortly before making her first flight! Congratulations to all the people at GROB! (mehr von D-ISPN)
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OE-LFL Last corrections on final to RWY 34... Still so much snow on the mountains around SZG in mid-May! [Canon 20D, Sigma 170-500mm @ 800mm, ISO100, 1/400] (mehr von OE-LFL)
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HS-TGJ 2nd visit to MUC! Dedicated to my cousin Andreas! [Canon 20D, EF-S 18-55mm, Skylight Filter] (mehr von HS-TGJ)
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P4-MES This really has to be the movement of the year! Roman Abramovich came to MUC to watch the Champions League soccer game of his club Chelsea London against Bayern Muenchen! [Canon 20D, Canon 18-55mm, Skylight Filter] (mehr von P4-MES)
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D-AIRX Cheers to all the other photographers who got her in Germany today! Landing 08L at MUC as LH1955 from FRA! (mehr von D-AIRX)
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D-AGPP Brandnew in HLX c/s! Came to MUC from the paintshop at Eindhoven the evening before and flew a rotation MUC-BRE-MUC today, for a daystop afterwards! [Canon 20D, Canon 75-300mm, ISO100] (mehr von D-AGPP)
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D-AWBA Was in storage at CGN until a few days ago and is now suddenly operating 4U86/87 to MUC... Has Discovery Link ever operated any flights out of PRG? (mehr von D-AWBA)
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YL-BAR Only 12 days after the last photo, shes now flying in FULL new BT c/s, complete with Internet titles... [Canon 20D, Canon 28-80mm, Hama Skylight Filter] (mehr von YL-BAR)
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F-HACA c/n 550 0182 Operator is "Champagne Air" from Reims, France! Cheers! (mehr von F-HACA)
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TF-ELJ Brandnew and already at MUC... Ex-Islandsflug B734. On a TNT charter flight from BRU, nicely parked on POS 173. As I always like to say: MUC is THE place to be! (mehr von TF-ELJ)
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N779UA Wing De-Icing in full sun weather? Oh yes! She landed in freezing fog at -7C / 19 F in the early morning. Seen here under treatment of the "Elephants" at "DA 1" (De-Icing Area 1 / RWY 26R) before DEP to IAD... (mehr von N779UA)
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EC-EMX Came to MUC the evening before due to fog at FRA... Taxying to RWY 26R via A15 for DEP to MAD via FRA! (mehr von EC-EMX)
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EC-HUH First day out at MUC with my brandnew CANON 20D! What a great camera! Enjoy the photo! (mehr von EC-HUH)