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G-MONJ performing on rwy02 stage of Skiathos island (mehr von G-MONJ)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1215839 / 216 Aufrufe
SX-OAF the greener side of the greek spotting paradise (mehr von SX-OAF)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1213763 / 2878 Aufrufe
C-FEAK producing emotions over rwy 02 of the Skiathos island spotting paradise (mehr von C-FEAK)
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EI-EOJ don't stop the plane spotter.. (mehr von EI-EOJ)
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RDPL-34171 morning arrival from Vientiane. pure Indochina (mehr von RDPL-34171)
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VN-A504 new livery, exotic destination, rare moment, great feeling. (mehr von VN-A504)
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PH-GGW a nice hybrid backtracking rwy02 n giving a beautiful summer moment (mehr von PH-GGW)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #967272 / 3079 Aufrufe
OE-LBD amazing Skiathos, amazing feeling. dedicated to the Hellenic Aviation Enthusiast's Society "Air-born" for organising another great event at the best spotting location worldwide (along with SXM for sure ;-) (mehr von OE-LBD)
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HP-1507PS One of the most rarest Panama captures. Air Panama resting on the Sambu (Darien Jungle) asphalt strip embarking for the return flight to Panama City (Albrook Airport) via Garachine (Darien Jungle). A moment to remember for a lifetime. Dedicated to www.air-born.gr community and Nikolas for his birthday that crazy day. (mehr von HP-1507PS)
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LV-ZXU Overview of Newbery Airport from our Aerolineas Argentinas B732 that is so beautifully reflected on the engine. (mehr von LV-ZXU)
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JA8915 off to Tokyo in a hurry flexing her wings to the limits (mehr von JA8915)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #602402 / 76 Aufrufe
N759GS just touched and dedicated to Dave & jason of LAS Spotters and of course to George & Jerry of the greek "Air-born" society (mehr von N759GS)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #602218 / 1117 Aufrufe
N823AL not only catching the FUNBIRD "singing" but did get us a ride up to OGG on a thrilling flight. Dedicated to George, Jerry and Nick and of course the whole greek "Air-born" society. (mehr von N823AL)
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N829EX being pushed back for the return flight to HNL (mehr von N829EX)
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5H-MVZ as a highlight on finals, rwy 03R of ATH, due to delivery. (mehr von 5H-MVZ)
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G-XLAB performing over the happy croud of "Air-born". The hellenic aviation enthusiasts society who are so proudly living the action. Permition ok. (mehr von G-XLAB)
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SX-BIM performing "the greek summer way" on short finals rwy02 (mehr von SX-BIM)
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SX-BSW ok, the belly is darker, but who can resist to the altitude of this approach. ;-) (mehr von SX-BSW)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #524038 / 2100 Aufrufe
9H-AEF performing over the greek members of the Hellenic Aviation Enthusists Society "air-born" who gladly pose for the record. (mehr von 9H-AEF)
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I-AIGA performing at Skiathos Island, stage "RWY02". (mehr von I-AIGA)
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G-CPEV performing at Skiathos island, stage "Xanemos beach rwy20" (mehr von G-CPEV)
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PH-AHQ performing at Corfu, stage "rwy17" (mehr von PH-AHQ)