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F-RBAA first delivered A400M for France Air Force (Aug 01.2013),represents the 75th anniversary of the transport squadron 1/61 "Touraine". (mehr von F-RBAA)
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D-ABAP The first own green and yellow livery of Special Air Transport, introduced in 1983, with additional SAT Flug titles, which only existed for a few days. The next owner, Istanbul Airlines, took delivery of D-ABAP as its first Caravelle with registration TC-ARI in March 1986 (mehr von D-ABAP)
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D-ABFU Delivered in April 1981 and christened Mulheim a.d. Ruhr, D-ABFU was operated by Lufthansa for sixteen years. In 1997 she was sold to Ryanair, reregistered as EI-CNZ (mehr von D-ABFU)
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N990GC I like this moment, rain, humidity, vapor (mehr von N990GC)
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MM62229 Coming in as flight IAM1439 from Amari Airbase and departed 1 1/2 hours later back to Mario De Bernardi Military Airport. (mehr von MM62229)


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TC-JNF golden sunset with the long runway at TXL City Airport (mehr von TC-JNF)
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N720JR Scan from slide (mehr von N720JR)
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54+36 returning from his first flight for the LTG62. (mehr von 54+36)
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D-ABHF c/n 22134 l/n 777. Built in 1981. "Heilbronn" (mehr von D-ABHF)