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9A-CDD About to touch down on Rwy 15 as it were. Transferred to Orient Thai Airlines as HS-MDK in 2011 and out of service but preserved since 2013. (mehr von 9A-CDD)
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N779XW FIA 2022 - inside the Boeing 777-9 prototype (mehr von N779XW)


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N727M Taxiing back to Rwy 16 for departure after bringing in a group of American tourists in the morning. (mehr von N727M)
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D-AGPS Arriving on Rwy 07, being operated by Germania on behalf of Air Berlin between August 2006 and February 2008. Became VH-NHP with Network Aviation and later QantasLink in Australia. (mehr von D-AGPS)
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9XR-WW First B738F for RwandAir ex TUI UK Aircraft G-FZDB (mehr von 9XR-WW)
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D-ANRD on its way to FDF in the Caribbean as cruise charter, where it surely will be warmer than in DUS at this time! (mehr von D-ANRD)
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EC-JTN Taxiing towards Rwy 16 for departure after helping out at Hello the day before. Later became PR-LGN with VARIG LOG after cargo conversion. Went on to fly with Yakutia and then Aviastar-Tu in Russia and allegedly to be taken up by ROMCargo Airlines in Romania as of late 2023. (mehr von EC-JTN)
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9V-SMB taxiing to the Terminal 2 after landing on rwy 08R. (mehr von 9V-SMB)