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D-ABVM Lufthansa's first B747-400 is seen departing runway 28 following painting by IAC Dublin's facility. (mehr von D-ABVM)
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Spotter Day im Madrid ,La fiesta de los spotters em Madrid Muchas gracias AsociaciÔŅĹn AIRE
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D-ABOB Nice to get the 707 so close, during our great ramp tour. (mehr von D-ABOB)
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This is good location for photography during the afternoons, till sunset. One can see here mainly business jets and general aviation's airplanes, but also the big aircrafts on runway 05 + 23. This place called "Aero Bistro", it's located very close to the intersection of Route Henry-Claudius-Forestier and Rue Robert-Adrien-Stierlin, 1217 Meyrin. Google coordinates: 46.234735, 6.097580.
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overview of the new spotter platform RWY 25L / 07R
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UR-CRI Ex.VP-BWN & UR-CQK (mehr von UR-CRI)
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D-AIXI arriving at its new home base after delivery flight from Toulouse! First A350 in new Lufthansa cs! (mehr von D-AIXI)
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N509BJ First test flight for the futur "Japan Air Force One". His twin is still waiting for the first flight in Jet Aviation Basel Hangar. (mehr von N509BJ)
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J5-GGU sad to see this Boeing 707 in such condition beside a DC-3, two Let410 and some other small props. (mehr von J5-GGU)
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HL7792 An Asiana Airbus A330 (HL7792) and a Turkish Airbus A321 (TC-JMM) has been damage in a ground contact accident at Istanbul. The A321 had arrived from Lefkose Ercan as flight TK969 and turned to gate 217. The aircraft stopped about 20-30 meters before the intended parking position at the gate. At the same time the Asiana A330 had started taxi to the runway 35 for flight to Seoul. Asina while taxiing past the A321 the right hand wing tip impacted the vertical stabilizer of TK969. The A321's vertical stabilizer was broken over entirely and the A330's wing tip sustained serious damage. (mehr von HL7792)
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DDR-SEF Great location in Leipzig City. We had ice cream on the wing, and this shot is done from opposite building. Thx to the friendly student girl ! (mehr von DDR-SEF)
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A7-BFE Nice spotting at LUX, Uwe Wilberg at work. (mehr von A7-BFE)