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9V-SWV You can see the third runway being reclaimed from the sea (mehr von 9V-SWV)
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G-ASDC "Plain Jane", leaves the cargo ramp for another flight to Southend. G-ASDC was one of 21 C-54s/DC-4's, that were converted by Aviation Traders Ltd from 1961. The name "Carvair" was derived from the abbreviation "Car via Air". The capacity: Up to 5 cars and 22 passengers. On June 28th, 1997 , an engine fire forced "Plain Jane" to land on a sandbar near Venetie, Alaska, operated by Great Arctic AW (mehr von G-ASDC)
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D-ABYF `Fritz`on taxiway W heading for runway 06, today 05R, and for take-off to the canary islands. Clearly visible are the extended Krueger-flaps of the portside wing leading edge. From June 1979, registered as HL7447 and owned by Korean AL, this a/c first operated on lease to Saudia in full colours until October1980. From 1992 until 1996 this first generation 747 was flown by Nationair of Canada, registered as C-FNXA. After its flying career, the plane was scrapped at the small airport of Shelton in Mason County/Washington. (mehr von D-ABYF)
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G-NPTB Thanks to the Airport for the morning tour! (mehr von G-NPTB)
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Wide-angle view of Pinal Airpark
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D-ISCO new Plane with this old Reg before was Citation (mehr von D-ISCO)
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D-AGWN In the tail obviously a replacement panel of an eurowings a/c has been reinstalled (mehr von D-AGWN)
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OO-ABB Specials decals for the first Air Belgium flight to Guadeloupe and Martinique (mehr von OO-ABB)
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