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D-AKAY Coming from TLS after paint during 3 weeks. (mehr von D-AKAY)
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15+02 together with 020 from Polish AirForce (mehr von 15+02)
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What a flightline, thanks to Kathrin Kaiser for the perfect organisation of the 2nd Grumman Fly-In.
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A6-EPO wearing the ' Year of the Fiftieth ' special livery taxing to rwy27 at CSMIA Mumbai as EK505 / UAE505 to Dubai (DXB) . The port side says ' United Arab Emirates ' in Arabic while the starboard side is in English . (mehr von A6-EPO)
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5B-DDK Takeoff from runway 26 on its way to Larnaca. This is the first Airbus in the Tus Airways fleet. No more Fokkers... Now it's the Airbus time. (mehr von 5B-DDK)
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F-WWKP 1st A339 for Cebu Pacific will be RP-C3900 (mehr von F-WWKP)


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LZ-LAA Performing a sharp right turn over the harbour area of the city of Heraklion shortly after departure from RWY 27. Starting our way back home to Linz as charter flight BUC 8739 after a wonderful holiday on Crete Island. (mehr von LZ-LAA)
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D-AVZR 1st A321 Neo for Qingdao, to be B-323V later (mehr von D-AVZR)
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30+74 and 31+01 XTM 2021 and Sanicole Airshow 2021 spotter day (mehr von 30+74)
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Untitled and unregistered now ( ex 10+23 )
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YL-RAI Have you ever wondered how to load/unload smaller cargo aircraft? (mehr von YL-RAI)
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G-AVMT The aircraft was broken up at Bournemouth and the fuselage arrived here by road and is used as a training aid (mehr von G-AVMT)